Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dota 2 Pro League 2017

Gpnepal presents Dota 2 Pro League 2017 after the release of new hero monkey king and a Patch 7.00. With this whole new meta and map changes can 3c4sr(3c4da) and 4-merical maintain their 1st
and 2nd position or an underdog teams can take up a surprising victory. 

The map sure has changed drastically in this patch and there are many things to explore. Roshan pit changing on top of the river along with 4 bounty runes in a map will sure make the game interesting. With all these new changes only time can tell who will win this League. Stay tuned for the more announcement on when the tournament will start. 

For now you can register your team online from HERE.

League Rules - HERE

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