Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Plextone Hammering G20 Gaming Magnet Earphone

Plextone Hammering G20 Gaming Magnet Earphone

Features of Plextone G20:

1. Side tone holes, boosting double bass effect. Crazy love upon hearing.
2. Second-generation memory foam, offering top-level rebounding of 5-8 seconds and promoting the sound proofing by 8%.
3. Magnetic design, attractive when near, available when apart and suitable for hanging when going out.
4. Brand-new cable controller, available for any tuning, particularly useful during playing games.
5. Total length exceeding 2.2 m, long enough for desktop computer games.
6. A variety of accessories such as extended cable and PC converter and the like, flexible for free combination.
7. Three popular colors available, including Neon Green, Dynamic Black and Rock Red.

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